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For your protection, on October 20, 2009 we updated our privacy policy to discuss in greater detail the information that we collect, how, where and why we collect, store and use it, as well as to what third parties we may transfer it in the future. Our new privacy policy reflects our evolution to a [...]

AdBrite is the first fully transparent ad exchange to offer Inline ads via CPC. The product now delivers both CPC text units and CPC banners within an in-text ad unit improving the breadth and quality of ads we are able to offer our advertisers and publishers.

Inline ads for Advertisers
AdBrite has historically offered CPC text [...]

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Listen as Paul Knegten, Head of Marketing and Sr Director of Business Development for Dapper, Inc, interviews Iggy Fanlo, AdBrite CEO, about technology driven innovation in advertising.


I’m going to be delivering a keynote entitled “Wall Street Meets Madison Avenue: Ad Exchanges Reveal the True Market Value of Online Inventory” at IMC San Francisco on May 12th.
IMC is a hands-on conference, so we’re looking forward to providing you with knowledge you can apply right away, and networking opportunities with the industry peers.
The [...]

If you’re a web publisher, chances are you could be earning more revenue on your web site. This week we encourage you to open your mind and your site to new options and maximize your users’ exposure to high-quality, high-yielding advertisements.
Here are three tips to get you started:

1. OPEN up to different [...]