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As the holidays approach, you can expect an increase in smartphone usage, especially in activity with gaming apps. Each year around this time, millions of new mobile devices are activated and billions of apps are downloaded. A recent AdMob study* also revealed that downloading and playing gaming apps are users’ top priority when getting a new smartphone, which represents a special opportunity for developers.

A new strategy for game-app developers can help them make the most of this increase in usage. Game developer Izumi Artisan used this strategy to increase his revenue by 60%, and so today we’ll share the details on how he achieved these results. 
AdSenseAdMob7 Google AdSense + AdMob: A New Strategy to Improve Revenue for Gaming Apps
Step 1)  Create a strategy guide for your game and post it on your website
Game guides, strategy manuals, and walk-throughs have become commonplace for gamers looking to get the edge or just take the easy path through a tricky section of a game. As a result, numerous third party game-strategy sites have popped up, and are attracting users in mass numbers.
This represents a great opportunity for you as a game developer, as you can create your own strategy or walk-through guide and host it on your website. There are many examples of successful game guides on the Web that you can use as a model when creating your own. The guides will vary in structure and length depending on the format of the game, so we suggest browsing a few to find the most suitable format. If there are already third-party guides competing for your users’ attention, try releasing the “Official” guide to separate yourself from the rest of the pack.
Step 2)  Monetize your new website with AdSense
Creating great content and putting it on the Web is an important step for those looking to generate income online. To start earning revenue from your online content you can use AdSense to show highly relevant ads on your website. 
With AdSense, advertisers will bid against each other to show their ads next to your content. The ads that appear are highly targeted, so they’re likely to be interesting to your visitors. AdSense also offers a number of great features including customization options to control the appearance, placement and type of ads that will show up on your site, as well as the ability to restrict the subject matter of the ads. 
If you’re not already an AdSense publisher, sign up for a free AdSense account
Step 3)  Use house ads in AdMob to drive users to your new website
One of the most difficult pieces of building a successful website is attracting visitors. As a game developer, you have the benefit of an existing and engaged audience — your users. By taking advantage of this built-in audience you can quickly generate demand for your new web content…you just have to point them in the right direction.
You can do this by using AdMob’s house ad feature, which lets you display your own promotions to your users at no cost. By creating a “house ad”  promotion for your new website and displaying it in an appropriate section of your game (i.e., on the home screen, or in-between game play, etc.), you can easily generate awareness for your web content while preserving a good experience for your users. The great part is, you won’t need to push a new version of your app since the house ad can be updated directly within the AdMob interface.
11.28post Google AdSense + AdMob: A New Strategy to Improve Revenue for Gaming Apps
Sign up for an AdMob account here. It’s free.
Be sure to make the most of the app usage increase that comes with the holiday season by trying this strategy. Have these tips worked for you?  Do you have other tips to share? Let us know in the comments!
Posted by Max Sack - Publisher Advocate
*Mobile Apps Consumer Study, AdMob and Parks Associates, Oct 2013
 Google AdSense + AdMob: A New Strategy to Improve Revenue for Gaming Apps

 Google AdSense + AdMob: A New Strategy to Improve Revenue for Gaming Apps

Last month, hundreds of Top Contributors (TCs) from around the world joined us at the Googleplex for the annual Top Contributors Summit, including some of our very own Top Contributors. 
Every day, these 95 volunteers (84 AdSense Top Contributors and 11 Rising Stars) answer questions and help publishers find the resources they’re looking for by responding in the Help Forum. We want to say thank you to all of these individuals for their consistent help and dedication. 
blogpost11.28.13 Saying thanks to our AdSense Top Contributors
If you’re interested in becoming an AdSense Top Contributor, we encourage you to get involved in the AdSense Help Forum and learn more about the Top Contributor program on this website. 
Posted by Ayaka Nishino – Inside AdSense Team

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 Saying thanks to our AdSense Top Contributors

 Saying thanks to our AdSense Top Contributors

Looking for a way to grow online engagement with your users?
Social media is a great way for you to build an audience and increase traffic to your website, which can help you earn more revenue. Learn how other people just like you are using AdSense and Wildfire to do just that.  If you haven’t yet perfected a way to utilize social media, you should tune in to our Hangout on Air on December 12th.  
In this Learn with Google Hangout on Air, you’ll hear directly from successful AdSense publishers and a Wildfire social media expert to learn their perspective on best practices for attracting and growing an audience through social media. They’ll also share their tips on how to increase your revenue by monetizing with AdSense.
Join this event page to live stream the Hangout on Air on December 12th from 11:00-11:30am PDT.

Hope to see you there! 
Posted by Felicia Rosado – AdSense Strategic Partnerships Team
 Building an Audience: Making Social Media Work for You

 Building an Audience: Making Social Media Work for You

Over the past few months, we’ve regularly talked about the growing number of users accessing publisher content via mobile devices, and the importance of creating a positive user experience across all devices. In this same spirit, we’re happy to let you know about mobile anchor ads for smartphones, a new feature we’re starting to make available that’s focused on giving users a better experience with ads on mobile devices. 
Mobile anchor ads work by allowing a 320×50 banner ad unit to be anchored to the bottom of the smartphone screen, staying there when your users scroll up or down the page. At the same time, users remain in control — they can dismiss an ad when they find it’s not relevant or want to free up the screen space, simply by swiping the ad left or right. When this happens, the anchor ad will fade and be dismissed and no other anchor ad will display unless the user reloads or visits another page.
Anchor+ad+1 Improving the user experience with new mobile anchor ads
The mobile anchor ads experience reflects our continued focus on providing users with control. As we’ve seen from our TrueView video ads and Mute this ad feature, users prefer having choice and control when it comes to viewing ads. In addition, the prominence of mobile anchor ads will give advertisers enhanced visibility while helping improve performance for you, and also remove the need to overload your mobile pages with ads. 
We’ve started enabling this feature for a select group of publishers today, and will gradually roll it out to everyone over the coming months. 
Thanks for all of the feedback you’ve provided to date on adapting to the multi-screen environment. Please do continue to share your suggestions so we can keep improving AdSense for you. Watch this space for more news and updates in the near future!

Posted by Pasha Nahass – AdSense Product Manager
 Improving the user experience with new mobile anchor ads

 Improving the user experience with new mobile anchor ads

Screen+Shot+2013 11 22+at+1.27.40+PM Got an app? Increase revenue by building a website too

At some point most app developers will be faced with the question: ‘What’s the best way to monetize my app?’. There are many business models, but many don’t think about the additional opportunities to earn revenue from content they’ve already created. Izumi Artisan is a Japanese developer who’s been successful in earning money from his app, then using the content to create a website to earn additional income. We will explore his strategy in this post.


  • Maximize revenue from the web
  • Improve user experience
  • Expand business overseas


  • Monetize both website and app
  • Create an environment where the users can help each other to finish the game


  • 40% of the total revenue came from the website 
  •  Improved profitability and usability with low overhead


‘Old Offender was the very first app that we made’
Screen+Shot+2013 11 22+at+1.28.40+PM Got an app? Increase revenue by building a website too
At the time of building our first app, my brother and I didn’t have engineering skills. So I went to a local book store and bought “Java for the First Time”, and taught myself how to make a mobile app. I chose to make escape games because the programming needed to build one was relatively simple. Also, there were not many other similar apps for smartphones in that category. So we worked together and published ‘Old Offender: Escape from Prison’ as our first gaming app.

‘Ads are better than a paid business model’

When considering the monetization method, we chose ads. At that time, paid apps were not that popular in Japan. Now, we’re using multiple ad networks using a mediation tool, and for foreign countries we’re only using AdMob.

‘We saw a 60% revenue increase by using Google AdSense’

After we launched the app we had feedback from users asking for hint-and-tips, so I immediately decided to take action. We chose to make a bulletin board website where users can interact with each other to find the answer to a challenge in the game. My brother designed the website and had it ready within a week. We also signed up for Google Adsense to post ads on the website. Signing up and implementing AdSense did not take more than 2 days and we were able to stat monetize our website with the least resource but high impact. Furthermore, we saw a 60% revenue increase by using Google AdSense and the web business is now 40% of the sales of the company.

Posted by Yuya Sumida – Account Manager
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 Got an app? Increase revenue by building a website too

 Got an app? Increase revenue by building a website too