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Leading moving enterprise, Harrington Moving & Storage, announces its most recent environment friendly changes.

In an effort to reduce its carbon footprint, Harrington Moving & Storage, starting today, will implement a widespread environment friendly program, entitled Green Wheels.

The Green Wheels program aims to disband the use of Harrington Moving & Storage’s gas guzzling trucks. Instead, for long distance moves, Harrington Moving & Storage will use their customers’ hybrid vehicles. For local moves, Harrington Moving & Storage will transport their customers’ belongings by bicycle with the help of an attached trolley.

“We are discontinuing the use of our trucks and instead we will only cater to hybrid vehicle owners,” said Jeff Harrington, owner of Harrington Moving. “In addition, we are the only moving company to transport belongings by bicycle.”

Harrington Moving & Storage will perform long distance moves using their customers’ hybrid vehicles, the company will only cater to customers who own such fuel efficient vehicles.

When customers request Harrington Moving & Storage services, they will be asked regarding their vehicle type. If they cannot obtain a hybrid car, then Harrington Moving & Storage will refrain from assisting them in their relocation task.

Harrington Moving & Storage has been preparing for the latest changes that go into effect today. Some of the company’s movers have never ridden a bicycle, therefore Harrington created a training course to teach safe cycling and proper handling of the belongings while pedaling on two wheels.

Harrington Moving & Storage’s latest announcement is just one of the many changes the company is undertaking in an effort to go green. Last month, Harrington Moving announced the use of the Green Packer, large packing crates that conserve on using traditional wasteful packing materials.

“Harrington Moving & Storage always tries to offer the best possible service, as of late we decided to expand our notion of good customer service to include our environment,” Harrington said.

About Harrington Moving & Storage
Harrington Moving & Storage has been a leader in the moving business since 1996. Harrington Moving offers high quality moving and storage services of all types. It is the only moving company in its region to initiate monthly charitable services. Its benevolent services have helped various organizations, schools, and even individual community members tremendously. Many non-profit organizations have reviewed Harrington as ‘irreplaceable assets to our community’ and ‘the moving company with the biggest heart’. Harrington Movers is concerned with reducing its carbon footprint, it recently has implemented various environment friendly changes.

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European adult processing firm turns to Online Reputation Management after one of its American clients charges its innocent customers unwarranted fees.

A European adult processing firm recently turned to Online Reputation Management after receiving negative online press when one of its American clients, an adult film store, charged its customers groundless additional credit-card fees.

The adult processing firm, a leader in its field, serves both European and American clients, it specializes in setting up payment processing for adult businesses that need to accept credit card transactions.

Recently, the European firm’s manager, Wagner, discovered during a routine Google search that negative comments were written about her company in various blogs, review Web sites and complaint Web sites.

“I was really surprised to read the comments customers were writing,” said Wagner. “I honestly had no idea what everyone was speaking about, customers kept mentioning ‘unwarranted charges.’”

The unfavorable feedback caused a decline in business profits, resulting in Wagner deciding to change the company’s name and turn to Online Reputation Management.

Online Reputation Management repair specialists created a strategic approach to Wagner’s “complicated” situation.

“It isn’t easy when someone posts negative reviews that stem from no where, the negative reviews tend to multiply into hundreds of negative reviews that eventually lead to a loss of profits,” said Online Reputation Management founder, Ed Eshel. “The Internet is a wild animal, fortunately, we know how to tame it.”

Online Reputation Management used their detective skills to decipher Wagner’s situation. The repair specialists discovered that one of Wagner’s clients, an American adult film store, charged its customers with groundless additional credit-card fees. The adult film store’s customers received their monthly bills and saw the additional charges, so in response, those customers immediately blamed Wagner’s company and posted negative reviews.

“I was shocked and very angry,” Wagner said after learning of the situation. “My company is extremely honest, we charge reasonable varying rates and amounts pending on the service. In this case, the film store charged additional fees to profit on behalf of their customers.”
Since Wagner changed the name of her company, Online Reputation Management repair specialists stressed the importance of maintaining her clean reputation, the specialists designed Wagner’s business Web site and implemented a public relations stint to promote Wagner’s renamed adult processing firm.

In addition, the online repair specialists exposed the adult film store’s shady practice, which resulted in all its customers, who were overcharged, to receive a full refund.

“Online Reputation Management saved my company and exposed the truth,” Wagner said.

About Online Reputation Management
Online Reputation Management offers effective solutions for your Internet branding and reputation repair needs. The firm specializes in promoting your reputation in a positive and accurate light, and driving search engines away from negative reviews about you or your business. Online Reputation Management’s repair services surpass that of competitors, in repairing its customers existing reputations on the web, and thus creating positive ones. Online Reputation Management has been working with top companies, and recognized individuals, specifically in the United States, and have achieved tremendous successes in their Internet reputation repair and management services. Online Reputation Management works around the clock to deliver the best results, the firm continuously works to protect your reputation.

For additional information, interview, and image requests contact VirtuosOnline.

3248018107635893461 3627694232926040222?l=web pr.blogspot Online Reputation Management Uses its Detective Skills to Uncover Shady Practice

Online Reputation Management, an Internet reputation management and repair firm, succeeds in assisting college graduate reestablish his online name.

John R. recently turned to Online Reputation Management hoping the Internet reputation management and repair firm could bury his past skeletons and reestablish his online domain.

When the client was 17, he faced a case in court and was charged to pay a fine for a piece of doughnut he forgot to checkout. The 17-year-old was accused of eating a doughnut inside the store and left without paying for it. He was charged with shoplifting and agreed to pay a $200 fine, $10 in court costs and 79 cents to cover the cost of the doughnut. Today, John R., 24, is hoping to bury that information showing he was involved in the case.

“It was a really innocent mistake,” said John R. “Even though I was convicted of shoplifting, it was an accident. I turned to Online Reputation Management because five years have passed and that information still haunts me.”

John, recently graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in electrical engineering. He plans to begin his job search in the near future, therefore he seeks to bury the distant trial information and start afresh.

“We see a lot of cases where young individuals are involved in various trials and that information resurfaces a few years later as a public record,” said Online Reputation Management Founder Ed Eshel. “Luckily, Online Reputation Management is an expert at burying such unfavorable information.”

John and Online Reputation Management repair specialists searched the client’s name on numerous search engines and found that the negative results surfaced on Google; they tailored their strategy to focus on burying the public records and news articles by replacing the unfavorable search engine results with informative, accurate information highlighting John’s positive traits, skills and college achievements.

“Online Reputation Management experts simply switched around the results in order to portray John as he really is, today,” Eshel said.

Within several weeks, Online Reputation Management succeeded in burying the afflictive results. On Google, John’s public records became nonexistent on the first two pages.

“Online Reputation Management succeeded in burying the silly incident, I am confident that I can continue living my life worries free,” John said.

About Online Reputation Management
Online Reputation Management offers powerful solutions for your Internet branding and reputation repair needs. Online Reputation repair and management services work to repair your damaged online reputation as well as manage your online name over time. Online Reputation repair and management services are needed for any individual or business looking to promote themselves in the cyber world. Online Reputation Management’s services are ongoing, and consist of varied, effective Internet marketing techniques successful in protecting and re-establishing their clients online presence.

For additional information, interview, and image requests contact VirtuosOnline.

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2437.IABMobileAdSpend 2D002D002D00 203 5F00 thumb 5F00 18FD39E1 IAB/PwC UK Mobile Ad spend results for 2011 Announced

Was last year the first ‘REAL’ year of mobile? According to the 4th annual IAB/PWC Mobile Ad spend Report it certainly was with the UK mobile advertising market now being worth an astonishing £203.2m. This is a year on year, like for like increase of 157%. So what has fueled this growth in the UK and what more can we expect?

Smartphone ownership currently stands at around 53% of the UK population and has become an easy and powerful way in which to consume media in the UK as generations of new consumers are comfortable spending their media time across multiple devices.

8228.IABMobileAdSpend 2D002D002D00 phones 5F00 thumb 5F00 0EE898B6 IAB/PwC UK Mobile Ad spend results for 2011 Announced

In turn it’s cheaper data tariffs and the rise of Wi-Fi and 3G which has fueled the growth in smartphone ownership, as it’s now cheaper and easier to access the internet on the move via mobile browsers.

Search on mobile continues to grow and continues to drive much of the digital spend, which is not that surprising but, proves consumers are increasingly turning to their mobile to search for information.

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The explosion in popularity of app stores has also had a huge effect with the IAB/PWC report claiming that 54% of all mobile ad spend now comes from Apps alone. For example Domino’s UK sees £1m in mobile sales in a single week ( via @TNWmobile).

4405.IABMobileAdSpend 2D002D002D00 Domino 5F00 thumb 5F00 6F95CC15 IAB/PwC UK Mobile Ad spend results for 2011 Announced

What should hopefully help fuel further growth in investment is the continued advancements of rich media and HTML5 plus the continued rise of m-commerce – especially interesting when you see that the biggest growth area for mobile display is retail with a 123% increase in spend.

That said there is still a concern around the number of brands that have a mobile optimised landing page, with some reports suggesting it’s as low as only 20% of UK businesses having a mobile optimised site. At Microsoft Advertising we are trying to address this issue through providing mobile optimized landing pages as part of the media buy in order to help advertisers make a smooth transition in reaching audiences across devices.

It will be interesting to see what a difference the launch of Windows 8 will make this time next year from both a tablet and Apps spend perspective, the initial Windows 8 Consumer Preview has been great. Windows 7 was one of the bestselling products in Microsoft’s history with it also becoming the bestselling product on Amazon for a period of time, and so if we get that same kind of scale early on with Windows 8 then all of a sudden it becomes a game changer in both the tablet market and also regards in-app advertising.

So overall then some very encouraging results but my only concern is that the even though the IAB spend figures are fantastic in relation to growth YOY, the percentage of mobile spend compared to consumer time spend on mobile is still far behind (figures suggest 1 to 2% of investment made on mobile advertising compared to 20% time spent by consumers on mobile). As an industry there is still much work to be done in order for advertising spend to catch up with the growth in how consumers acre accessing content via their mobile devices. It’s going to be another interesting year of mobile icon wink IAB/PwC UK Mobile Ad spend results for 2011 Announced

One question from nearly every single client: “How much should I spend on advertising?” Discover what WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell on Digital Advertising Budgets and Mobile

WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell talks to Mel Carson from Microsoft Advertising

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Nik Dewar | UK Mobile Advertising Sales Manager

 IAB/PwC UK Mobile Ad spend results for 2011 Announced

Creativity – our intellectual ideas, our ability to tell great stories – and innovation, by which I mean new ways of using or adapting technology to reach consumers, are the fundamental, driving forces of the advertising industry. To build brands, we need both elements. We need creativity to delight, excite and engage, while innovation drives a brand’s culture forward and keeps it new and fresh. This enables us to create rich, unique experiences for consumers that attract them to a brand and, crucially, sustain their loyalty. In short — and this is close to becoming something of a motto for me — Creativity + Innovation = New Consumer Experience and Engagement.

Here at Y&R, creativity and innovation are our lifeblood. They come out of our passion for what we do and out of our passion for our clients and their brands. All of which, not surprisingly, comes from the passion of our people. We constantly strive to stoke that flame, giving people the freedom and space for creativity, as well as the tools and support to make it happen.

It’s important to continually find ways for creativity and innovation to intersect. In the last year, we set up two global programs that help us do just that: The Spark Plug, which offers space and resources to a handful of interesting start-ups and idea-generators who have some track record and lots more promise, and Z Academy, an apprenticeship program that gives us an incredible pick of candidates from all over the world, infusing the business with new digital thinking and technology, and giving the students an equally outstanding opportunity to work in a different country in a full-time agency role.

8156.SnipImage 2D00 2 5F00 thumb 5F00 0046E15E Innovation, Creativity, and the Microsoft Advertising Story Awards

In the wider advertising industry, encouraging innovation and creativity – and those inspirational ‘big ideas’ – is something that we should all push for. That’s why I am pleased to be chairing the Microsoft Advertising Story Awards, new for 2012. The competition challenges marketers and agencies to develop a forward-looking, world-class creative idea, using Microsoft Advertising solutions, for a brand or non-profit of their choice. We hope to find the world’s most innovative storytellers and unearth a goldmine of creative stories that will really engage the consumers of today.

The panel I am chairing will oversee the final round of the competition, judging all of the local winners to pick two finalists (one brand, one non-profit). So what are we, as judges, looking for? Well, we’ll want to see the thorough application of innovation to a creative idea. Innovation is vital to creativity, but the linkage has to be organic, integrated and authentic. We want to feel that one can’t live without the other, that the technology isn’t gratuitous, an add-on, or there to prove the idea is ‘current’. The linkage of creativity and innovation only begins to mean something for a brand when it creates a new and different user experience, taking into account how people actually behave and experience brands. We’ll be looking for this complete and forward looking experience in the winning entries, as well as an awareness of impact on sales, revenue growth, market share and other key metrics.

Entrants have the full range of Microsoft Advertising solutions to play with; all that is required is your ‘big idea’. The competition deadline is only a few days away, but entering doesn’t mean a pile of paperwork, and there’s definitely still time to get your entries in for the local rounds of judging. In addition to being crowned the world’s best digital storyteller, there are also some great prizes on offer, including an amazing VIP trip to Cannes Lions in June this year for the global winners. From the wonderfully simple to the amazingly complex ways to tell a brand’s story, I truly believe there is a wealth of extraordinary thinking and innovative creativity out there. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

David Sable is Global CEO of Y&R and a 30-year veteran of the advertising and marketing communications industry. He has been a Director at Large of the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) since 2009 and was a founding member of its Digital Advisory Board. Read more from David in his blog, The Weekly Ramble.

 Innovation, Creativity, and the Microsoft Advertising Story Awards