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Microsoft Advertising is inviting brand marketers and advertising agencies from across 30 countries to submit their most creative and innovative ideas to help drive a brand or nonprofit organization’s story forward. Right in time for TV and movie awards season, we’re launching the Microsoft Advertising Story Awards also known as “The MSAs”. Global winners of each category (a brand and a nonprofit) will be selected and awarded with an exclusive trip to the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2012 to be Microsoft Advertising’s VIP guests for one full week!

Unlike other award competitions, this one won’t focus on work that’s already been executed. Instead, this contest will be a true measure of marketers’ acumen, pushing them to develop forward looking ideas using Microsoft’s advertising technology and solutions – across MSN, Mobile, Windows Live, Xbox, Messenger, etc. – to solve real marketing challenges.

And we have the best and brightest rating the work. David Sable, Global CEO, Y&R will chair the global judging committee. Other judges are being confirmed for the global and local panels – stay tuned.

Here’s what the judges will be looking for from entrants:

· A digital media solution and creative idea for the brand or nonprofit of their choice

· The key business challenge being addressed for the 2012 or 2013 calendar year

· Campaign submissions will be weighted among the following criteria: overall strength of idea, most innovative use of Microsoft Advertising solutions, creative impact and how it could be measured

· The deadline for all submissions is March 31, 2012. Local winners will be announced in April and global winners will be announced in June.

We’ve also created a short video starring actor, writer and producer Felicia Day of ‘The Guild’ web series fame to tell our own story and give you some inspiration. Take a look and get your creative juices flowing. We can’t wait to see the ideas you come up with. Click on our contest page for entry guidelines and full details on how to submit.

Good luck to you all – hope to see you in Cannes!

Richard Dunmall – VP of Global Agencies and Accounts, Microsoft Advertising

 Microsoft Advertising Challenges Global Brand Marketers and Agencies to be Storytellers and Win a trip to Cannes!

As I reflect back on 2011, there are a number of successes I am incredibly proud of, including: two of our formats being selected for the IAB Rising Stars awards; the announcement of our intent with “Polymorphic” ads; we let the market know that Windows 8 will support advertising-in-applications; and last but not least, our views on the changing tide of social advertising and how brands are shifting the way they think about using social as an advertising medium. Each of these efforts are examples of how Microsoft Advertising is committed to making it easier for brands to launch digital ad campaigns at scale while also giving creatives new and powerful canvases upon which to tell their stories.  

As part of that commitment, Microsoft Advertising was one of the first publishers to adopt all six IAB Rising Star Solutions and implement them across our display properties in the U.S. before the end of 2011. This meets the goal I laid out at Ad Week last year, and our commitment goes well beyond the U.S.  I am very proud of the fact we’ve made the Rising Stars Solutions available in 42 markets worldwide and implemented well over 100 executions around the globe. Here’s a great example of the IAB Filmstrip ad in action in France:

7140.image 5F00 thumb 5F00 2F5156C0 Look to the Stars: Microsoft’s IAB Rising Stars Successes

4338.image 5F00 thumb 5F00 627D6A5C Look to the Stars: Microsoft’s IAB Rising Stars Successes

“Lancôme represents elegance and beauty.  We needed an online ad format that would live up to this brand promise and invite user engagement.  The Filmstrip did just that, with its elegant interface of large, sliding panels.” Virginie Gerin , Digital and CRM Director at Lancôme France

In addition to launching all six IAB Rising Stars Solutions we have worked alongside multiple partners to implement the IAB Filmstrip that we developed, and are very encouraged by its broad adoption. To date, we’ve run dozens  of IAB Filmstrips, including executions for Jaguar in Ireland, Alfa Romeo in Italy, Disney in the U.S., Audi in Germany, and Ford in the U.K.  The Filmstrip has broad appeal across multiple verticals; we’ve seen executions for autos, retail, personal care, technology, and entertainment. To aid with adoption, we have provided key pieces of code to help the industry build an IAB Filmstrip (available here).  We are thrilled to see advertisers like Mercedes and Botega Venetta run the Filmstrip on publishers like CNN and NY Magazine, and look forward to seeing many others in the coming weeks and months. 

Even with the positive adoption figures, we fully understand that ROI and performance metrics will be important in order to continue the Rising Stars momentum.  We’re currently collaborating with the IAB and IPG Media labs on research that will use biometrics (i.e., eye tracking) to track the impact of the IAB Rising Stars ad units versus standard ad units; the results will be revealed at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting .

And if you attend the IAB conference, be sure to keep an eye out for the IAB Rising Stars Creative Showcase.  We’re partnering with Crispin Porter + Bogusky to develop a really spectacular campaign that will utilize the IAB Filmstrip as the primary ad format. I look forward to what the other IAB Rising Stars creators will submit to the showcase as well.

As for me, my next stop is Social Media Week in NYC this coming February 14th. I’ll talk about Microsoft’s vision for Social Advertising and how we’re bringing consumers and brands closer together in a differentiated way using social as a tool. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to sign up here. As always, if there are questions please let me know in the comments section. I look forward to sharing more of our positive momentum soon.


Thank you!

Jennifer Creegan, General Manager of Brand Advertising

 Look to the Stars: Microsoft’s IAB Rising Stars Successes

This year we’ll be talking a lot about mobile, and personally I’m excited about all of the innovative advertising solutions we’ll deliver for our clients via the mobile channel over the course of the next 12 months. In anticipation, I took a look back on some previous campaigns we’ve driven that effectively integrated mobile platforms and Intel – ‘The Chase’ – stands out to me as a fantastic example.

Intel wanted to launch a digital campaign that would increase its brand awareness and promote the incredible power of its new Core i5 processors. We can’t see these processors, since they are embedded in our PCs, but they are in fact the backbone of these remarkable machines that we use everyday. The question was: how could Intel make these processors, which seem unfamiliar or even boring, come to life and really convey to the average consumer the possibilities they create? How do you build excitement around something that’s, well, invisible?
The solution: immersing the consumer in an action-packed chase across PC programmes. A heroine outwitting two thugs trailing her through YouTube, Facebook, and Microsoft Office, all the while demonstrating the amazing things Intel’s processor lets us do on our computers. The two-minute video was a big hit and was named an ‘Ad Worth Spreading’ by TED that you can watch here.

Following on the success of the video, Intel partnered with Microsoft Advertising to take elements of its creative and continue ‘The Chase’ on a global scale across Microsoft platforms–spanning mobile, web and Xbox Live, and covering the UK, Germany, France, Russia, Poland and Turkey. To make this phase of the campaign a truly engaging experience, we kicked off with a 24 hour bespoke HPTO across MSN sites, created 1-on-1 games on Windows Live Messenger, and offered Intel theme packs for Xbox Live Spotlight users. And importantly, we extended ‘The Chase’ experience to handheld devices with the use of expandable rich media.

The campaign was a great success for Intel. Research conducted by Dynamic Logic across the UK, Germany and Russia showed uplifts in the campaign association for the brand across all markets, with the highest spike seen in Russia. The campaign also boosted Intel Core i5 processor awareness, particularly amongst the Windows Live Messenger audience, which saw a 21 per cent increase. We were able to help Intel, a giant company that makes products people don’t necessarily touch or see, bring its brand story to life.
By creating a branded experience with rich, interactive content across multiple markets and screens, we really demonstrated what Microsoft Advertising’s unique offering is all about. In a way, today’s consumer is like our heroine jumping effortlessly from screen to screen–our task as digital advertisers is to engage them holistically and tell a good story in the process.

David Pugh-Jones, Brand Strategist, Microsoft Advertising

 The Best of Mobile in 2011: Intel’s ‘The Chase’

It is our priority to provide developers around the globe an opportunity to make money using the Microsoft Advertising Solution and today we are happy to announce we are expanding our solution into seven new countries on February 1, 2012: Denmark, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Mexico, Sweden, and Switzerland. Now, developers from nineteen countries (full list below) can make money by taking advantage of Microsoft’s Advertising solution for mobile developers.

Our solution includes ad controls that are built right into the Windows Phone SDK; combined with pubCenter’s self-serve sign-up, reporting and automated payouts, we ensure a seamless experience. After your app goes live in the marketplace and users start to use it, you can watch your revenue grow.

Developers will need to provide account information into pubCenter required for payment. Once advertising revenue reaches the minimum amount required for payout (see table below), and the developer has completed the steps necessary for payment, Microsoft will start sending money their way.

0574.image 5F00 thumb 5F00 10B678FD pubCenter Expands Internationally to Seven New Markets!

The Microsoft Advertising solution for Windows Phone apps has been shown to make more money for developers than other solutions in the market… up to 71% more in a recent study!

Here are three easy steps to get started:

5758.image 5F00 thumb 5F00 6FC30655 pubCenter Expands Internationally to Seven New Markets!

Have questions? Check out the Microsoft Advertising Forum. To send us feedback and have your voice heard, please contact (English only)

Thank you from Microsoft Advertising.

Avi Sagiv

 pubCenter Expands Internationally to Seven New Markets!

More options for Google+ badges

Author: GoogleAdSenseBlog
(Originally posted on the Google+ Platform Blog, cross posted on the Webmaster Central Blog)

When we launched Google+ pages in November, we also released Google+ badges to promote your Google+ presence right on your site. Starting today in developer preview (and soon available to all your users), we’re adding more options for integrating the Google+ badge into your website. You can configure a badge with a width that fits your site design and choose a version that works better on darker sites. You’ll also see that Google+ badges now include the unified +1 and circle count that we added to Pages last month.

12612screenshot1 More options for Google+ badges
12612screenshot2 More options for Google+ badges
12612screenshot3 More options for Google+ badges

If you’re still considering whether to add a Google+ badge on your website, consider this: We recently looked at top sites using the badge and found that, on average, the badge accounted for an additional 38% of Google+ followers. When you add the badge visitors to your website can discover your Google+ page and connect in a variety of ways: they can follow your Google+ page, +1 your site, share your site with their circles, see which of their friends have +1’d your site, and click through to visit your Google+ page. These activities can help you expand your audience by enabling your users to share and recommend your content.

The Google+ badge makes it easy for your fans to find and follow you on Google+. With these additional options, we hope it’s even easier to create a badge that fits your website.

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Posted by Lucy Hadden, Software Engineer, Google+

5576995 1525162010494975245?l=adsense.blogspot More options for Google+ badges
 More options for Google+ badges

 More options for Google+ badges