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The burger joint embraces its male-centric ad themes by stating it’s “Just the Way It Is” You have to give Carl’s Jr.’s commercials credit for one thing: They know exactly who their audience is. You can correctly point out their salaciousness, but it all makes sense when you walk into a Carl’s Jr., as I [...]


This week’s top social media stories: Royal-mania, fast and furious at Facebook, Yahoo! gets IntoNow, Slideshare’s presidential moment and those precocious youths

On May 1-4, Yahoo! will be one of the presenting sponsors at iMedia’s inaugural iMoms Summit about digital marketing to the most influential consumer.


Yahoo! welcomes Ad Land creator David Jones with his first ’toon for our blog, “The Power of Exclamation Points.”

RMX becomes first ad exchange to tap Clearspring’s audience segments.