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Yahoo! Scientist Duncan Watts’ “Everything is Obvious” shows that everything isn’t.

Yahoo! webinar reveals successful digital creative tactics that drive breakthrough and persuasion.

+1 to great web content

Author: InsideAdSense

Most successful AdSense publishers have something in common: users who are passionate about their content. Today we’re making it easy for the users who love your content to recommend it to their friends and contacts with the +1 button.

We think sharing on the web can be even better — that people might share more recommendations, more often, if they knew their advice would be used to help their friends and contacts right when they’re searching for relevant topics on Google. The +1 button is an easy way for users to recommend your content right from the search results pages. The +1 button doesn’t affect the AdSense ad units on your site, but it can improve the way your pages appear in Google search.

+1 is a simple idea. Let’s use Brian as an example. When Brian signs in to his Google Account and sees your site in the organic search results on Google (or search ads if you’re using AdWords), he can +1 it and recommend your page to the world.

ES%2BScreenshot1 +1 to great web contentThe next time Brian’s friend Mary is signed in and searching on Google and your page appears, she might see a personalized annotation letting her know that Brian +1’d it. So Brian’s +1 helps Mary decide that your site is worth checking out.

ES%2BScreenshot2 +1 to great web contentWe expect that personalized annotations will help sites stand out by helping users see when your Google search results are personally relevant to them. As a result, +1’s could increase both your quality and quantity of Google search traffic.

But the +1 button isn’t just for search results. We’re working on a +1 button that you can put on your pages too, making it easy for people to recommend your content on Google search without leaving your site. If you want to be notified when the +1 button is available for your site, you can sign up for email updates at our +1 webmaster site.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll add +1 buttons to search results and ads on We’ll also start to look at +1’s as one of the many signals we use to determine a page’s relevance and ranking. For +1′s, as with any new ranking signal, we’ll be starting carefully and learning how those signals affect search quality over time. At first the +1 button will appear for English searches only on, but we’re working to add more languages in the future.

We’re excited about using +1’s to make search more personal, relevant and compelling. We hope you’re excited too! If you have questions about the +1 button and how it affects search on, you can check the Google Webmaster Central Help Center.

Posted by David Byttow – Software Engineer, +1 Button

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 +1 to great web content

 +1 to great web content

7 Things you want to know now

Apple Diamond Advertising News: $8 million iPad; iAds; Mad Men and the CLIOs; IAC winners and moreIntroducing the $8 million iPad

The Apple iPad 2 is what you’d call an “affordable luxury” product. Not something you really need (yet), but a nice-to-have. Starting at $499, it’s not too pricey to price itself out of the market for most mainstream American buyers. But do you want to really feel pimpin’? Try covering that precious little baby with the Stuart Hughes Gold History Edition iPad case. Made from a 24-carat gold alloy, it includes diamond inlay and—get this—material made from the thigh bone of a Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil. (At least the anti-fur people can’t come after you for that.) Buy one today for just $8 million. This “rich media” comes to us courtesy AdFreak.

iAds proving too pricey?

Speaking of pricey Apple-related products, it looks like advertisers—a hip crowd usually hip for all things Jobs—are turning up their noses at Apple’s latest product, iAds. iAds look nice, reports Business Insider’s Dan Frommer, but at a minimum buy of $500,000 (recently reduced from $1 million), they’re proving a tough sell.

Mad Men CLIOs

Despite the fact that the show’s creator, Matthew Weiner, looks to be on the outs with AMC, “Mad Men” remains hugely popular with actual Madison Avenue men and women, as well as with the general public. That could be why the CLIO Awards has…er…borrowed the 1960s-style “Mad Men” theme for its 2011 show, to be held in May. (Hat tip to Agency Spy for this little fog lifter between client meetings.)

Captive audience

“Captive audience” usually means you’re pushing ads to an audience that can’t really leave because it’s just too inconvenient. But what if your audience was literally captive? Just when you thought advertisers had thought of everything, along comes Metrodata Services of Erie County, New York. Metrodata is offering the opportunity for bail bond operators and defense lawyers to show ads on closed circuit TV to perps who have just been arrested and tossed in the clink at the Erie County Holding Center . And because every product needs a brand name to make it more memorable, this one’s is “Captive Ads.”

Mobile drives local

According to a recent study by Borrell, says MediaPost’s Laurie Sullivan, advertisers will spend $13.5 billion for local advertising online this year, or about 18% of their overall local ad budgets. But, the study notes, by 2015 that figure should reach $24 billion. The driver? Local mobile.

Marketing vs. Tech: How to end the endless battle

“Marketing today is increasingly digital, data-driven and measurable,” writes Lisa Arthur on Forbes CMO Network. Still, there’s a seemingly constant battle between CMOs and their C-level coequals, CIOs. She offers several solid tips to help CMOs deal with the increasingly technical world of marketing, and the folks who run the machines.

Internet Advertising Competition winners announced

The Web Marketing Association yesterday announced its winners for its 2011 Internet Advertising Competition. There were a lot of compelling entries and winners. But we think our favorite ad, in our favorite category—“Best of Show Ads the client did not pick”—was “Cisco’ed,” an attack campaign that took aim at the ubiquitous hardware company on behalf of its smaller rival, Brocade.

Ciscod1 Advertising News: $8 million iPad; iAds; Mad Men and the CLIOs; IAC winners and more

— Michael Mattis