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Based on your feedback, we’ve worked hard to give you more control over the ads on your site by improving the ad blocking options and making them easier to use. You can now block ads by advertiser URL, block categories of ads from showing on your site, and search and review placement-targeted ads by ad type, keyword, URL, or ad network to easily find, approve, or block ads in the ad review center. The video below provides an overview of these features:

We’ll see you next week for our last video in this series on the new AdSense interface. Don’t forget the popcorn!

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5576995 443187905104452946?l=adsense.blogspot The new AdSense interface: More controls
 The new AdSense interface: More controls

 The new AdSense interface: More controls

Happy Thanksgiving

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Sending Thanksgiving cheer from the Googleplex!

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5576995 6721040982387709455?l=adsense.blogspot Happy Thanksgiving
 Happy Thanksgiving

 Happy Thanksgiving

As we approach the end of the year, we can surely say that 2010 has been a great year for Chitika’s Research Department. They began in July 2009, and have been very busy analyzing data from Chitika’s publisher network to come up with the latest trends ever since. How do they do it?

By taking a TON of data gathered in Chitika’s network of over 100,000 websites, then analyzing the heck out of it in their crazy labs like mad scientists!.. No probably not, but lots of data crunching for sure.
ChitikaResearchImage 5 Things We’ve Learned from Chitika Research
“[We] can spot trends ranging from operating systems to ad click rates.”
Our studies, headed by research director, Daniel Ruby, have been recognized and featured (and sometimes challenged) in some pretty cool places like SearchEngineLand, Mashable & TechCrunch.

With so many studies published, let’s sit back and reflect on: the top 5 things Chitika’s Research Department has taught us in the past 18 months:

1.) Optimize For Bing.
Now that Bing controls approximately one quarter of the search market, it only makes sense that we think outside the Google = SEO mantra. The end result of ignoring this could be a loss of quite a bit of money for you, especially considering the revenue potential that’s effortlessly tipped in Bings favor.

2.) You Need a Mobile Solution.
Much like the Furby, the mobile traffic wave is coming fast, and apparently before it’s time… because it would appear we are just not ready, with only 4% of domains actually ready for mobile traffic, it’s shockingly true. “Without a targeted site or call-to-action targeted to mobile devices (such as Chitika’s mobile ad unit, which targets mobile traffic on non-mobile sites), mobile traffic is nearly impossible to monetize”, says Research’s Dan Ruby.

3.) Android Is Your Friend.
By carefully taking the feelings of iPhone users into consideration, we concluded that iPhone users are just far less valuable than Andriod users no matter what Apple does.. for now anyways icon wink 5 Things We’ve Learned from Chitika Research

4.) Go Local.
The internet isn’t just for finding out what’s going on hundreds or thousands of miles away any longer. Now you can find out what’s going on right outside your door at the pizza place right across your street, with what local advertising has to offer.

In fact, you could most likely get a view of your street as if you were right on the road, without having to get up and look out your window. With this high demand for local information, we found that local searches click on ads 38% more often. Put that in a blender with mobile and you get a staggering 64% more often!

5.) Get That #1 Search Ranking, STAT.
Unfortunately being second best just doesn’t hold a light to being the #1 search listing in Google. Because the difference in CTR being #1 is double the traffic when compared to the second spot.

Personally, my eye always goes first, to the title, then the link. If I don’t see at least 3 key phrases I am looking for, I move on. And I have definitely gone to page 2, even 3 before finding what I really wanted. How do you determine which listing is the one you click on?

For more on our research, please visit Chitika’s Research Department here.
Questions? Requests? Get Daniel Directly: press(at)chitika(dot)com


Now that you’ve had some time to dive deeper into the new AdSense interface, we want to be sure that you’re taking advantage of the additional insights at your disposal to help you make smart business decisions. You can now customize graphs and run detailed performance reports to analyze the amount you’ve made from various ad formats, ad sizes, bid types, and more. Watch this video for additional information:

Stay tuned next week for another video!

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5576995 5894014531761338903?l=adsense.blogspot The new AdSense interface: More insights
 The new AdSense interface: More insights

 The new AdSense interface: More insights


To help you learn more about the new AdSense interface, we’ve created a series of videos that focus on different features and benefits now available to you. Over the next few weeks, we’ll post new videos to the blog to ensure you learn all about the greater insights, control, and efficiency now at your fingertips. Today, we invite you to take a tour of the new AdSense interface. Check out an overview of the improvements we’ve made and the new features we’ve added:

If you’d like to start watching the rest of the videos, visit our new AdSense interface YouTube playlist or the video series tab of

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5576995 6310273585812238147?l=adsense.blogspot The new AdSense interface: Take the tour
 The new AdSense interface: Take the tour

 The new AdSense interface: Take the tour