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Happy Holidays

Author: InsideAdSense

We’d like to send our best wishes to all our publishers around the world. Wherever you’re spending this holiday season, we hope that it’s filled with much love, warmth, and happiness.

AdSenseteam Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays!

Posted by Dia Muthana on behalf of the Google AdSense Team

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 Happy Holidays

 Happy Holidays


HappyHolidaysFromChitika Happy Holidays From Chitika!

We will also be away enjoying the holidays, and will return on Monday, December 28th to reply to your support questions.

ChitikaLabs Happy Holidays From Chitika!


This year, the AdSense team has brought you a series of live webinars covering a range of topics, and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended. We hope that you’re already profiting from implementing the tips featured in our webinars.

Your feedback to date has been very helpful, and we’ll spend the coming weeks developing brand new, interesting content for 2010. If you haven’t already done so, we invite you to share with us the topics you’d like to see covered in future webinars.

We’ve received great reviews from publishers who’ve attended our webinars, so if you haven’t seen one as yet, you can view the recordings of these events whenever it’s convenient for you.

Wishing you a happy holiday season and a healthy new year.

Posted by Siobhan McCormack – AdSense Optimisation Team

5576995 1012374239804161492?l=adsense.blogspot Webinars   out with the old, in with the new
 Webinars   out with the old, in with the new

 Webinars   out with the old, in with the new

Keeping your account secure

Author: InsideAdSense

We understand how important your AdSense account is to you. You need to sign into your account to generate ad code, manage the appearance of your ads, view your reports and check the status of your payments. However, keep in mind that your AdSense account is actually part of your Google Account. This means that you may have several Google products, such as AdSense, Gmail, AdWords, Blogger, etc, all tied to a single sign-in.

We take account access issues very seriously and would like to take some time to provide a few simple tips to help you protect your Google Account.

If you’re having trouble signing in to your Google Account, usually resetting your password will do the trick. To add additional security to your account, you should update your alternate address, choose a strong security question (if you have Gmail), and add a mobile number to your account so Google can text you a recovery code if you ever forget your password. Also, if you have a Gmail address, we recommend providing a current secondary email address where you can receive our password-assistance email. If you don’t have any of these set up, it will be difficult for us to verify your identify and reset your password, so please take some time to update your security options.

If resetting your password doesn’t work, you can try filling out our account recovery form. We can usually restore access in a few hours if you’re able to provide the necessary information to prove ownership.

Here are some additional tips to ensure that only you have access to your account:

  • Create a strong password and security question. Your password shouldn’t be something that someone else can easily guess. The same goes for your security question. If someone that knows you can answer your security question, then it’s probably not a good question. Review these tips for suggestions.
  • Don’t share your account password with anyone. It may be tempting to share your password with your friends or family, but don’t do it, especially if it’s your personal account. If you need to create an account that is accessed my several people, make sure that the account is not tied to any products that contain personal information.
  • Don’t respond to messages asking for your username or password. Google will never send you an email, IM, or any other communication asking for your sign-in information, so don’t respond to any messages asking for it.
  • Be cautious of fake sign-in pages. Always look for in the URL. If the URL is different, don’t sign in on the page. If you think you may have signed in using a fake sign-in page for AdSense or any other Google product, please reset your password as soon as possible to prevent abuse of your Google services by a third party.

You can find more tips in the Google Accounts Help Center.

Posted by Diane Velasco – AdSense Policy Team

5576995 4033641717637420048?l=adsense.blogspot Keeping your account secure
 Keeping your account secure

 Keeping your account secure

More Google Web Elements for you

Author: InsideAdSense

We’ve posted a few times about Google Web Elements and how they can benefit you as a publisher. Today, we’re excited to announce new features for Google Web Elements, including the addition of 3 three new elements for Google Translate, Reader, and Orkut. For publishers, this means 3 new options for engaging your users and making your website more interactive.

To read more about the new features and how to get started, hop on over to the Google Code Blog.

Posted by Christine Tsai – Web Elements Team

5576995 4035301533741384929?l=adsense.blogspot More Google Web Elements for you
 More Google Web Elements for you

 More Google Web Elements for you