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Ghoulish greetings

Author: InsideAdSense

Happy Halloween from the AdSense, DoubleClick, and Ad Manager teams!

 Ghoulish greetings
Posted by Arlene Lee – Inside AdSense Team

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 Ghoulish greetings

 Ghoulish greetings


We’ve posted a couple times about how the Custom Search Element can help provide a more customized search experience for your users while enabling you to earn money. Today we’re excited to announce two new features for the Custom Search Element that will enable you to further customize your website search to the look and feel of your site: themes and rich snippets.


You can now customize the layout and styles of your Custom Search Element. To select a theme for your Custom Search Element, just go to your Custom Search Engine account at and click Control panel. On the Control panel page, in the left-hand menu, click Look and feel.

cse A more customized search experience for your website
You can now choose from a number of layouts and color styles for your Custom Search Element. You can also preview your selected theme. Here’s an example of the ‘Shiny’ theme:

csethemeresults A more customized search experience for your website
If you’d like to tinker further with the look and feel of your Custom Search Element and you’re familiar with CSS and JavaScript, take a look at this Custom Search Control documentation.

Rich snippets

Rich snippets are another new feature that allow you to customize the actual Custom Search Element search results with additional relevant content, like thumbnail images and actions. We like to think of rich snippets as a way to add more flair to your Custom Search Element search results.

Here’s an example of search results from a Custom Search Element which uses both themes and rich snippets. The thumbnail image next to each search result shows rich snippets in action.

scribd2 A more customized search experience for your website
Rich snippets require you to mark up the page with metadata. For more information, check out the Custom Search Developer’s Guide.

If you have any feedback for us on either of these new features or on the Custom Search Element itself, please leave a comment. We love hearing what publishers have to say about Custom Search!

Posted by Christine Tsai, Google Web Elements team

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 A more customized search experience for your website

 A more customized search experience for your website

Follow the bouncing user; tweeting for fun and profit; cheap marketing that breeds like bunnies; get your phone to yodel,  and more


What’s behind a high bounce rate?
Users “bounce”—that is, click away and say goodbye to your website—when they find your homepage less than interesting. Search Marketing Standard’s Rebecca Appleton gives four reasons why users bounce and tells you what you can do about it. She’s also kind enough to offer tips on how to optimize your landing page for PPC. All that for free. There’s a reason we like her.

Tweet all about it!
Unless you live in L.A. or have an expense account fat enough for your company to fly you there, you’re probably missing the 140 Character Conference (#140), yesterday and today. Well, never fear, Twitter is here. Follow the Tweets by conference-goers, including our own Jeff Sweat. Good stuff for the aspiring publisher to know.

Viral marketing…with Bunnies!
Publishers are always looking for little ways to get big returns. Here’s a quick case study on how to make your viral marketing breed like rabbits: At the recent premier of “Rabbit Fever,” a funny documentary about competitive bunny breeders, the producers gave out bunny ears to everyone in the theater, and took photos. Then they put the photos on Flickr, knowing that everyone in the audience on Facebook or Twitter or with a blog would post about it (like we are right now). Talk about cheap, effective viral marketing. (Full disclosure: The author of this post was in that audience. See if you can find him in his rabbit ears on Flickr.)

Oh, the stories they could tell
Over at Search Engine Land, Ciarán Norris talks about the best (and worst) stories that brands have told via social media. Some solid do’s and do-not’s from history.

Dialing for yodels
OK, most phones don’t actually “ring” anymore. They chirp, ping, buzz, vibrate, and sing “Crazy Train” or just about any other song. But now you can get your phone to actually yodel. Not only that, you can make it yodel in just about any style you want: hip-hop, a cappella, R&B, reggae, bluegrass, what-have-you. To get your own yodel and for info on other Yahoo! innovations this week, click over to Yodel Anecdotal.

Coming soon: Filter more categories

Author: InsideAdSense

A few months ago, we launched category filtering in a number of English-speaking countries to help you control the ads that appear on your pages. To provide you with more ad filtering options, you’ll soon be able to filter 3 more categories from your pages, for a total of up to 8 categories. You should notice this change within the next few weeks.

To get started with category filtering, sign in to AdSense and visit the Ad Review Center, located under the AdSense Setup tab. You can choose from the listed categories, which include religion, politics, and dating, and your selections will be applied to ads in English no matter how they’re targeted. Please keep in mind that filtering ad categories may affect your AdSense revenue — we recommend first reviewing the percentages displayed in your account to understand the amount of revenue you may be blocking.

We’re continuing to work on additional filtering capabilities, and we appreciate all the feedback you’ve provided so far. Feel free to leave us a comment, and visit our Help Center to learn more about category filtering. 

Posted by Arlene Lee – Inside AdSense Team

5576995 4234072091627282312?l=adsense.blogspot Coming soon: Filter more categories
 Coming soon: Filter more categories

 Coming soon: Filter more categories


 A learning opportunity for education sites
This Thursday, October 22nd, our Dublin-based AdSense team will host a webinar geared towards publishers with sites related to education. We welcome you to join us for an hour, starting at 9am PST/5pm GMT, and learn how you can improve your ad performance. We’ll talk you through our top tips and show you sample implementations, and you’ll be able to put your questions live to an AdSense specialist. Please be sure to sign up via our Help Center if you’re planning to attend.

Posted by Siobhan McCormack – AdSense Optimisation Team

5576995 2270513566219249907?l=adsense.blogspot A learning opportunity for education sites
 A learning opportunity for education sites

 A learning opportunity for education sites