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Calling all Canadians

Author: InsideAdSense

Are you a Canadian AdSense publisher? We’ll be hosting a small AdSense event featuring optimization and product seminars in Toronto in early October, and we have a few additional spaces available. If you’re located in the Toronto area and would like to attend, fill out our interest form, telling us a little about yourself, your site, and your history with AdSense. There are a limited number of spots left, so if you’re interested, let us know as soon as possible. We’ll let you know by email if you’ve been selected to take part in the event.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Posted by Matthew Carpenter-Arevalo – AdSense Optimization Team

5576995 7092396050104889642?l=adsense.blogspot Calling all Canadians
 Calling all Canadians

 Calling all Canadians


If you’re a publisher located in Cyprus, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, San Marino, Slovenia, or Vatican City, you can now switch to local currency reports to view your earnings in Euros. Once you make this change, any earnings generated from advertisers paying on other currencies will be converted to Euros each day. This also means that if you’re receiving payments in Euros, there won’t be any additional conversions at the end of the month when payments are issued.

Before you switch to local currency reports, we suggest you download and save copies of your past reports in U.S. dollars for your records. Once you’ve done that, look for the green prompt in the upper right hand corner of your Reports Overview page. Click the link in the prompt, and you’ll be asked to agree to a new set of Terms and Conditions. If you have questions or need legal advice on interpreting the new Terms, please don’t hesitate to contact your attorney.

We encourage you to switch to local currency reports soon, since we’ll be requiring this update in the future. You can learn more about these new reports in our Help Center, and we also recommend reviewing answers to a few FAQs we covered on the blog before.

Posted by Arlene Lee – Inside AdSense Team

5576995 1077009912471688172?l=adsense.blogspot Euro reporting for more European countries
 Euro reporting for more European countries

 Euro reporting for more European countries

We’ve been hearing your requests for new ways to generate revenue in AdSense, and new ways to maintain control over the ads that appear on your sites. With that in mind, we’re pleased to announce plans to give you the ability to allow multiple Google-certified ad networks to compete for display ad space on your site.

You may remember that we began to accept display ads served from qualified third-party vendors over a year ago, which helped increase the number of display ads competing on AdSense publisher sites. With this new change, participating ad networks can also bid in our auction to appear on AdSense sites. This new capability will help you generate the most profit for every ad that appears on your site, whether the ads come from AdWords advertisers or Google-certified ad networks.

Who are these ad networks? They’re ad agencies and companies that partner with advertisers and publishers to buy and sell ads on sites they don’t own themselves (much like AdSense). You’ll now be able to allow advertisers from these networks to compete with AdWords advertisers for your ad space. All reporting and payments will still run through AdSense as they always have, and the available ad formats will be the same as those offered for AdWords ads.

We take the quality of ads delivered to your site seriously, so we’ll be certifying all participating ad networks for adherence to our standards for user privacy, ad quality, and speed. You’ll have control over which networks can show ads on your pages — you can choose to opt out of receiving ads from specific networks, or all networks completely. This means you can continue to show ads from only AdWords advertisers if you like. Visit the Help Center to learn more about managing these account settings.

We’ll slowly begin allowing ads from Google-certified ad networks to appear on AdSense pages over the coming months, so you won’t see an immediate impact on your ads or earnings. As new networks are certified, you’ll see them appear in your account. This feature will initially be available to publishers in North America and Europe, but we hope to roll it out to additional parts of the world in the future.

 Getting the most revenue from every impression through AdSense
Finally, some ad networks use tools similar to Google’s interest-based advertising to show more relevant ads to users on the sites they visit. We’ll allow certified networks who comply with user privacy guidelines to show ads using these tools, but they won’t be permitted to collect data from your site for the purpose of subsequent interest-based advertising. You’ll be able to opt out of receiving ads based on user interests from these certified networks, and we have changed our requirements for third-party ad serving to reflect this.

We’re dedicated to providing users with a positive experience, while helping publishers effectively monetize the ads appearing on their sites. We believe you’ll find that more competition translates into better ads and increased revenue in the long run.

Posted by Sean Harvey – Business Product Manager

5576995 8543019579472480159?l=adsense.blogspot Getting the most revenue from every impression through AdSense
 Getting the most revenue from every impression through AdSense

 Getting the most revenue from every impression through AdSense

The power of bundled software can be an amazing thing – all three major operating systems have a bundled Internet browser, each of which has 73% of their OS’s Internet usage (based on a sample of 163 million US/Canada impressions across the Chitika network in early August). But Bing, the decision engine Microsoft bundles with Internet Explorer, only gets 10.3% of IE users’ searches.

ie web search Chitika Study: Bing Struggling To Win Even IE Users

Microsoft has long been known as the king of bundling, with the assumption that bundling creates market share. But now, it seems that crown has moved to Google, the default search engine – and 89.57% of the search market – in Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

bundled web search1 Chitika Study: Bing Struggling To Win Even IE Users

And while Bing has received quite a bit of good reviews, publicity, and advertising, it is still struggling, even with Microsoft Internet Explorer users, falling in at third place on the search rankings behind Google and Yahoo!

Microsoft has a lot of work to do in order to take any significant market share away from Google, but if they use their experience in bundling software, it appears that the opportunity is there to jump up to a majority of users.

The Raw Numbers:

Windows Google Yahoo Bing AOL Total Search %
IE 76,712,986 12,168,239 10,686,158 2,040,240 103,392,630 72.37%
Chrome 4,332,212 10,090 78,240 4,585 4,451,939 3.12%
Firefox 29,731,411 2,530,000 651,709 158,157 33,451,586 23.41%
Safari 768,341 70,801 11,049 1,207 857,436 0.60%
Other 654,419 34,471 9,395 1,303 711,756 0.50%
Total 112,199,369 14,813,601 11,436,551 2,205,492 142,865,347 100.00%
% 78.54% 10.37% 8.01% 1.54% 100.00%

Linux Google Yahoo Bing AOL Total Search %
IE 677 56 3 0 746 0.06%
Chrome 10,909 2 53 0 10,980 0.94%
Firefox 812,169 34,712 7,765 696 861,840 73.43%
Safari 198,586 3,495 451 67 203,994 17.38%
Other 88,193 2,565 772 28 96,201 8.20%
Total 1,110,534 40,830 9,044 791 1,173,761 100.00%
% 94.61% 3.48% 0.77% 0.07% 100.00%

Mac Google Yahoo Bing AOL Total Search %
IE 2,723 191 272 15 3,246 0.02%
Chrome 4,074 4 37 0 4,129 0.02%
Firefox 4,630,253 175,240 52,938 5,746 4,901,368 26.89%
Safari 12,252,530 725,474 152,603 29,885 13,249,869 72.69%
Other 62,850 2,798 534 2,427 69,887 0.38%
Total 16,952,430 903,707 206,384 38,073 18,228,499 100.00%
% 93.00% 4.96% 1.13% 0.21% 100.00%

*The percentages of search don’t add up to 100% because of a small number of searches which weren’t included in this table.

Do you manage a site in Lithuanian, Ukrainian, or Latvian? If so, we’re happy to announce that AdSense for content and AdSense for search are now available for each of these languages.

Visit the AdSense Setup tab in your account to begin generating ad and search code – our system will automatically take care of targeting ads to the content of your pages and user search queries in these three languages. If you’re not yet an AdSense publisher but want to start monetizing your pages in one of these languages, we invite you to review our program policies and submit an application.

To celebrate this launch, here are a few fun facts about some of the countries where these languages are spoken:

  • This year, Lithuania celebrates the millennium of the country’s name (it was first recorded in 1009);
  • Ukraine is known as one of the world’s main producers of sugar;
  • The widest rapid in Europe, Ventas Rapid, is located in Kuldiga, Latvia.

Welcome to all of our new Lithuanian, Ukrainian, and Latvian publishers!

Posted by Tim Evans – AdSense Product Manager

5576995 155800774104489745?l=adsense.blogspot AdSense launched in Lithuanian, Ukrainian, and Latvian
 AdSense launched in Lithuanian, Ukrainian, and Latvian

 AdSense launched in Lithuanian, Ukrainian, and Latvian